I am a software engineer in Pune with over 12 years of experience creating applications in Fintech, E-Commerce, Social Network, Hospitality & Healthcare domains.

I have led teams consisting of the backend, frontend, QA, and DevOps engineers and also played the role of Scrum Master for a short period. Ruby on Rails, Docker, Jenkins, AWS, and Java Spring Boot are some technologies that I have worked on recently. I also have experience in conducting interviews for organizational hiring & training college graduates on topics like Web basics & Git. I also consult on XP practices like TDD and Pair programming.

In my free time, I like to cook, play carrom, cycle, read about software architecture & environmental issues, talk about personal finance management, guide people in their career paths and last but not the least, play with dogs 🐶

You can read more about my previous projects here or download my resume if you want to hire me

Note : I have created this site for my personal learning purpose and the thoughts here are of my own and not my employer